Model JOyVerride 20i-BMD overall view

Overall case view

The housing itself is a bit thinner than the front panel, so the case own fixing screws do not exceed the standard 1U rack size.

Features summary

  • 20 GPI inputs sharing a common 0V rail

  • All GPI inputs are isolated by optocouplers

  • All GPI inputs are internally tied to a floating +5V with pull-up resistors

  • Each GPI input is triggered by connecting it to the floating common 0V rail

  • Any GPI input can be configured to serve any video router output

  • Allows grouping of arbitrary number of GPI inputs on multiple video router outputs

  • All GPI inputs are equipped with hardware debouncing circuits providing clean interfacing of joystick mechanical switches

  • Interface delay is between 20ms to 60ms approx. from contact closure to command send to the video router

    • actual delay depends on the joystick mechanical contact bouncing

    • overall delay may further increase slightly if the video router actively uses its video reference input for vertical interval synchronous switching

  • Control is based on Raspberry Pi microcomputer

  • Communication between JOyVerride interface and video router goes over Ethernet

  • Configuration of credentials and network parameters has to be done in terminal mode, either by attaching a monitor with HDMI input and a USB keyboard directly to the unit, or via SSH remote session over network, or via serial remote session over USB serial connection

  • Configuration changes are protected against unauthorized access, based on standard Linux user rights levels

  • An alphanumeric 20×2 LCD display is provided on front panel for general status information

  • Is built in a robust 1U rackmount enclosure, with internal power supply and IEC power connector


More details   

Product Brochure

Main features and technical specifications are available as a .pdf file.

NOTE: the document is available in English language only.


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